Gambling for fun, or bills

When you gamble online, do you do it for fun or are you trying to make money to pay the bills? I for one at one time in my online gambling adventure tried to win money to pay my bills, and this my friends is a huge mistake! Not only did I not get the money to pay the bills, I lost the bill money I did have.

So take it from someone who knows, it’s a bad gamble, to try and win money that you are in dire need for, it will only hurt you more at the end and besides not having the money you need, you will also become depressed, and feel ashamed, and this is not what gambling is supposed to be for. When you’re gambling for fun, that means you have the funds to spare, and if you lose, it does not affect your life, or your budget. Only gamble with free money, not bill money. If you find yourself spending money you don’t have, quit, take a step back, and think about your gambling habits, and make a change. Online gambling is easy and convenient, but it also can be too easy for those of us who are having a hard time financially in these tough economic times. So if you like to gamble, please remember to do it for fun, enjoy all the games that online casinos offer, and if you win, fantastic but if you don’t that’s ok to. Remember gambling is a fun and enjoyable activity, if you do it responsibly.